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Salesforce CRM and marketing automation tools present complete support for you for monitoring each customer interactions and initiating campaigns for target.

While creating campaigns Marketing Cloud undertakes result based on estimations in each stage (and majority of work). It assists you to improve information related to customers, to use this data for forming  successful campaign strategy and calculate of revenue of investment ROI.

What are benefits of Salesforce Marketing Cloud?

  • Creating campaigns based on detailed data instead of intuitions.
  • Partition of database according to variables such as revenue, status and gender and separation of potential customers.
  • Identification of new potential customers by  Automatic scoring based interactions such as Opening and clicking e-mail, watching web seminar and downloading promotion certificate.
  • Evaluation of marketing revenue of interest (ROI) by tracking effect of campaign over transformations up to how potential customers act and react.
  • Creation of promotion email templates which  are easy to use and give opportunity for you to create colored support materials and send emails vastly.

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