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Salesforce Service Cloud

“Salesforce Service Cloud for World Class Service”

While Salesforce Service Cloud provides support for supplying first class customer services from help desk to social media channels for your company it also decreases the expenses significantly. Salesforce Service Cloud Providing 7/24 service customer support ensures that you respond your customers whenever they need and improves customer loyalty by perfect service quality. Salesforce provides support for you with power which will transform customer services into customer loyalty center.


  • 360 degrees customer viewhizmet-screen-2
  • Customer support from each vehicle from each channel
  • Customer portal which can find responds customer questions and reduces cost and save time for you.
  • To be able to monitor and analyze data from different systems in every kind of equipment
  • To be able to give exact data of customers to call center representatives.
  • To give opportunity for real time representative cooperation by Chatter
  • To monitor and participate conservations related to your company which are made over Facebook and Twitter
  • Search customers with self service and data base


Salesforce Sales Cloud

“To achieve sales targets is easier anymore by means of Sales Force Sales Cloud”

Sales cloud presents a platform where you can follow all actions taken related with customers easily over single display, follow pipeline and sales process and make fast business cooperations.

Achieving sales targets become easier and faster by salescloud presenting contract, realtime pipeline, sales process tracking and fast cooperation


What are benefits of Salesforce Sales Cloud?

  • Opportunity for monitoring customers with 360 degrees
  • Faster opportunity management, flowing sales processes
  • Lead management which is able to make marketing activity from all channels
  • Real time reporting, fat decision and actions for opportunities, pipeline and leads based on person
  • Monitoring team performance by real time reporting


Salesforce Marketing Cloud

Salesforce CRM and marketing automation tools present complete support for you for monitoring each customer interactions and initiating campaigns for target.

While creating campaigns Marketing Cloud undertakes result based on estimations in each stage (and majority of work). It assists you to improve information related to customers, to use this data for forming successful campaign strategy and calculate of revenue of investment ROI.


  • Creating campaigns based on detailed data instead of i
  • Partition of database according to variables such as revenue, status and gender and
    separation of potential customers.
  • Identification of new potential customers by Automatic scoring based interactions such as Opening and clicking e-mail, watching web seminar and downloading promotion certificate
  • Evaluation of marketing revenue of interest (ROI) by tracking effect of campaign over transformations up to how potential customers act and react
  • Creation of promotion email templates which are easy to use and give opportunity for you to create colored support materials and send emails fastly


Salesforce Community Cloud

Salesforce Community Cloud establishes relation with customers and volunteers by branded portals and applies ideas which will improve and manage usage base.

Community Cloud provides you to meet with people who you want to gain more and strength from consumers to sellers and stakeholders. Salesforce communities and portals utilize from powerful analysis engine of platform and thereby you can monitor all performance upto  individual interactions.



  • community-screen2Troubleshooting by self service or help desk support
  • Access to data and sources
  • Invoice and payment operations
  • Automatically repeated purchases, donations and managing subscriptions
  • To review and record future activities
  • Coordinating agreements between buyersand value added sellers (VAR)


Salesforce Analytics Cloud

analys“Monitor, manage and analyze data from different single source over single display”

Salesforce Analytics Cloud will bring all data related to customer and it is a Salesforce solution which ensures perfect analysis environment.

Analytics Cloud which provides more practical solutions for collecting customer data, analysis and managing  provide opportunity for interpretation and monitoring data in single display.


Sales Wave Analytics Sales Cloud, Presents all performance indicators for managers from sales opportunities to pipeline tracking

Taking faster action better sales process management and taking decisions faster are possible by means of applications which can be used over PC; mobile and tablet and similar devices.

Service Wave Analytics, is a tool which is presented for interpreting sales after data. You can determine problems and generate solutions fastly by  Service Wave analysis which prepared for Service Cloud users. You can open ticket fastly, convey problems to relevant units and make status updates


Salesforce App Cloud

“Combined system having single data entry point which eliminates dependency for manual processes.”

Salesforce App Cloud  is combined system having single entry point which facilitates processes for your organization, reduces failures and delays and eliminates dependency for manual processes.


Application Cloud can assist your operation for;

  • Data synchronization between Salesforce, SAP, Oracle and many application
  • To eliminate expenses of special EDI solutions while mutual exchange of documents such as purchase orders and similar documents with all business partners by using B2B integration technologies
  • To automate all kind of critical processes such as processes which transform from purchase order to cash and may assist you by creating more visibility for your business notwithstanding with you are which part of supporting areas such as marketing, sales  and BT


Salesforce ISV & AppExchange Dev

“Outsource your AppExchange app development to Ritmus.”

Whether you have a free or paid standalone or integration app, we can help you get on the Salesforce AppExchange quickly. If you don’t know the Force.com platform, have an app that’s running on your servers and want to pull the results into Salesforce.com, or want to become a Salesforce ISV, we’re here to assist.


Ritmus is a Product Development Partner with expertise in:

  • Developing apps on the Force.com platform
  • Building apps that pass the AppExchange’s tough security requirements
  • Guiding companies through Salesforce’s challenging ISV certification process
  • Getting apps on the AppExchange quickly


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