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“To achieve sales targets is easier anymore by means of Sales Force Sales cloud.”

Sales Cloud presents a platform where you can follow all actions taken related with customers easily over single display, follow pipeline and sales process and make fast business cooperations.

Achieving sales targets become easier and faster by salescloud presenting contract, realtime pipeline, sales process tracking and fast cooperation

What are benefits of Salesforce Sales Cloud?

  • Opportunity for monitoring customers with 360 degrees
  • Faster opportunity management, flowing sales processes
  • Lead management which is able to make marketing activity from all channels
  • Instant reporting, fat decision and actions for opportunities, pipeline and leads based on person
  • Monitoring team performance by instant reporting
  • Able to decide future investments by estimation
  • Able to  perform marketing and sales activities at everywhere by mobile application

Sales Cloud ensures that you collect data related to customer services at everymoment and place, promote transformations and manage all fields of sales.

How can Ritmus can optimize Sales Cloud for your company?

Visibility of Estimation Plan: Projections and tables will reveal trends in sales prediction plans of your company and present opportunity to configure your strategy accordingly with this.

Salesforce integration: Developers of Ritmus can connect salesforce to any application and solution which is already used by your company without problem, thereby your team can share data easily.
Configuration of Price Quotation (CPQ): We will create a price and discounts system which packages materials for purchasing, sends invoices to customers automatically and forms price quotations and contracts. Ritmus does not take license price, your private solution will not create an expense for you which is greater than CPQ solution.

Special Board and Reports: We will design boards which will allow to perform tasks over single display and access important customer data. Our team will also configure report templates which will present measurements and data which are very valuable for you and for your team.

Account Management: Updates and notifications will assist to our representatives regarding with when and how they will progress for potential and privileged customers.

Area assignments: Com platform can order and map coinciding  complex features and sales areas depending on circumstances.

Community and Portals: Do you need a forum for establishing interaction with customers, for recording seller agreements and getting contact with volunteers? Developers can create community for supporting external users.

Data transfer: Authorized Saleforce developers will transfer existing database for eliminating data entry which consumes time.

For take advantage from the wide cloud projects experience of Ritmus please contact us by filling out the contact form or by calling us on 0850 532 2336 number. Our experienced consultants will give you more information.