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Salesforce  Community Cloud establishes relation with customers and volunteers by branded portals and applies ideas which will improve and manage usage base.

Community Cloud provides you to meet with people who you want to gain more and strength from consumers to sellers and stakeholders. Salesforce communities and portals utilize from powerful analysis engine of platform and thereby you can monitor all performance upto  individual interactions.

Mainly there are two types of Community Cloud:

Customer Community: It allows members to establish interaction with your company and organization by logging in

Benefits of Customer Community:

  • Troubleshooting by self service or help desk support
  • Access to data and sources
  • Invoice and payment operations
  • Automatically repeated purchases, donations and managing subscriptions
  • To review and record future activities
  • Coordinating agreements between buyersand value added sellers (VAR)

Partner Community: It allows company to coordinate  and realize agreements  with  value added sellers (VAR)and buyers. In other words 2 or more partners can be controlled while negotiations for potential sales agreement with external buyer continues.

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